(coordinator: Ioana Fluierasu)

The Painting Club is a project to stimulate creativity, develop children's manual and communication abilities. Structured in creative workshops, the club complements the curriculum and develops it as ingeniously as possible, allowing everyone's imagination and talent to manifest themselves freely.

In the workshop, children have the opportunity to put into practice various techniques: drawing, tempera, watercolor, depending on the subject proposed. Drawing, painting, graphics, decorative, design and studio work are done by nature, live model, sketches. The working methods approach help build an atmosphere of creation, disconnection, free expression of feelings and ideas.

About Coordinator:

Ioana Fluieraşu is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bucharest, the "Plastic and Decorative Arts" profile and joined the AXIA Craiova community in the 2004-2005 school year, involving children over 4 years in artistic projects at the class level as well as in the community (exhibitions in outside the kindergarten). She also performs the position of Painting Professor at Children's Palace Craiova.