(coordinator: Ana Maria Traşcă)

Dance positively influences the harmonious multilateral and healthy development of the body and the psyche. It contributes to the development of the body that becomes stronger, stronger, better proportioned. Well-structured exercises develop muscle strength, elasticity, agility, and coordination of movements helps to achieve harmonious and expressive gestures. The study of dance is an excellent means of educating the will that is required to achieve performance, overcome fatigue or shyness. The participation in the performances of the school and the kindergarten through the dancing moments during the course is aimed at developing the children's artistic sense through interpretation and by visualizing the speclax as a stage act that belongs to the art of the performance.

About the coordinator:

Ana Maria Traşcă graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Craiova in 2004. She also performs the position of Sports Teacher at the secondary school in Traian. She joined the AXIA Craiova community in the school year 2004-2005.