History and mission

We are kindergarten Axia and since 2003 your child's education is our only concern. The road to excellence begins at the Axia kindergarten. We look forward to building together!
The Kindergarten Axia has been operating since 2003 and is authorized by M.E.CTT.S and accredited by Order of the Minister no. 4236 / 16.07.2013. Kindergarten "Axia" is the first private kindergarten opened in Craiova. On September 1, 2003, we opened the gates, having in the first year a single group of preschoolers. Over time, kindergarten has expanded, working with several groups, one on each age level, just as it works today. The name of the Kindergarten Axia is not chosen by chance, the word "axia" in ancient Greek meaning "value", valuable education being delivered to our kindergarten.

The main purpose of Axia Kindergarten is to socialize, educate and train children in an educational environment as attractive as possible, cultivating their skills and forming the necessary skills for integration into society. The pre-school period is the stage of the most intense receptivity, mobility and psychic possibilities, a period of life with remarkable progress in all its plans.
Now all basic adaptive conducts are formed, more important intellectual and creative structures - including sociability, behavioral characteristics, affective - volitional reactions, etc. The pre-school child crosses the stage of knowledge by broadening its contact with the social and cultural environment from which it assimilates life patterns that allow and determine its ever more active integration into the human condition.


  • Large, beautiful, solid building;
  • The total area is 210 square meters;
  • The courtyard is quiet with a large play area (600 m²) with exclusive Chicco outdoor furniture;
  • Classrooms are large and with lots of natural light;
  • Dining room;
  • Sports holl;
  • Extra-curricular activities - foreign language clubs;
  • Piano hall.


Drăgan Simona

Director | Teacher for preschool education (teacher) | English teacher | Romanian teacher, Teaching degree I

Cismaru Maria Roxana

Teacher for preschool (educator), Teaching degree II

Stroescu Victoria Cătălina

Teacher for preschool (educator), Teaching degree II

Teişi Cornelia

Teacher for preschool (educator) | Romanian teacher | English teacher

Pourgolafsan Adriana Florentina

Teacher for preschool (educator), English teacher | French teacher, Final grade

Neagoie Constantina Mădălina

Arts teacher | Piano teacher

Traşcă Ana Maria

Dancing teacher, Teaching degree I

Flueraşu Ioana

Painting teacher, Teaching degree I

Urziceanu Irina Ştefania

Teacher for preschool (educator) | German Teacher

Dumitrescu Gena Elena

Teacher for preschool (educator) | German Teacher

Eftimie Simina Monica

Teacher for preschool (educator), Romanian teacher | English teacher

Ghiţă Cristina Diana

Child care